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I study the theological, philosophical, and scientific ideas that informed the creative decisions of artists living in eastern and western medieval cultures from the third to fifteenth centuries. Recent and forthcoming publications explore the intersection of art and science manifest by astronomical and philosophical illuminated manuscripts. Primary research interests include Carolingian manuscript illumination and late-Gothic painting at the Bohemian court in Prague. 


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I am Associate Professor of Islamic Art and Material Culture, having joined the Department of Art in 2015 as Assistant Professor after positions at the University of Birmingham and the Museum of Islamic Art in Berlin. My first book, Everyday Luxuries, was published with the National Museums of Germany in 2016; it explored the circulation of art and objects in the Ottoman capital of Istanbul in the years between 1600 and 1800.


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My current research focuses on the archaeology of the slave societies that evolved in the Chesapeake and Caribbean in the early-modern era. In addition to teaching in the anthropology and architectural history departments at UVA, I am director of archaeology at Monticello, where my department is in the midst of several long-term research projects.


Fri, 2019-08-09 16:20 -- Jieru

Larry Goedde is Professor of Art History in the McIntire Department of Art at the University of Virginia.  He joined the faculty in 1981 as an Acting Assistant Professor and served as department Chair for a total of nineteen years.  During his terms as Chair, he oversaw the department’s participation in planning the renovation of FayerweatherHall for Art History and the new building for Studio Art, Ruffin Hall, and represented the department during the construction phase of each project.


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Daniel Ehnbom is the author of Indian Miniatures: The Ehrenfeld Collection (1985), articles on painting and Indian architecture, and contributions to various exhibition catalogues. He was with the Macmillan/Grove Dictionary of Art (1996) in London as a contributor and consultant from 1984 and as South Asia Area Editor for Painting and Sculpture from 1988.


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