Lindner Lecture Series

The Lindner Lecture Series is funded by the Sacks Art Lecture Endowment which supports an annual lecture within the Department of Art.  The series is named after the Carl H. and Martha S. Lindner Center for Art History which supports student and faculty programs and research in the Art History Department within the College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences at UVA. The Lindner Lecture Series brings speakers to Grounds to present exciting new research in art history. Since the Fall 2022, speakers are nominated and selected by the faculty and graduate students of the Art Department. 


Thursday, Oct. 27th, 6.30pm, 160 Campbell Hall

Ömür Harmanşah, Director of the School of Art and Art History & Associate Professor of Art History, University of Illinois at Chicago

Landscape and Fieldwork in a Changing Climate: Art, Cultural Heritage, and the Anthropocene

Previous lectures

Thursday, Sept. 29th, 6.30pm, 160 Campbell Hall

Patrick R. Crowley, Associate Curator of European Art, Cantor Arts Center, Stanford University


Solid Pictures: Photosculpture and the Reproduction of Reality 

Wed Dec 07
1 - 3:30 | Auditorium of the Harrison Institute in the Special Collections Library