Betzer – email SB4FG 

Crane – email SRC4Z 

Dakouri-Hild – email AD9H 

Fiorani – Monday and Wednesday 12-1pm in Fayerweather 217 and on Zoom (ID: 908 749 3572) 

Flores – Tuesday 11am-12pm in Fayerweather 307 

Fordham – Thursday 3-4pm in Fayerweather 207 or by appointment (email DF2P) 

Getsy – on leave Spring 2024 

Goedde – Tuesday 3-4pm and Wednesday 11am-12pm in Fayerweather 202 or by appointment (email LOG) 

Kondyli – on leave Spring 2024 

Kreindler – Wednesday 10:30am-12:30pm in Fayerweather 316 

Love – by appointment only (email MJL2W) 

Nelson – email LN6N 

Paoletti – Monday and Wednesday 3-4pm in Fayerweather 308. All appointments should be booked through https://calendly.com/gpaoletti/office-hours  

Phillips – Wednesday 1:30-3pm in Fayerweather 306 or by appointment (email AHP2N) 

Ramírez-Weaver – Thursday 9am-12pm in Fayerweather 311 or by appointment (email EMR6M) 

Reilly – on leave Spring 2024 

Robbins –Tuesday 2-3pm and Wednesday 3:30-4:30pm in Fayerweather 312. All appointments should be booked through https://christanoelrobbins.youcanbook.me/  

Sampson – email GWS6N 

Skerritt – Tuesday 1-3pm in Fayerweather 309 

Smith – Wednesday 2-5pm in Fayerweather 318 

Turner – Wednesday and Thursday 3:30-5:30pm in Fayerweather 218 or by appointment (email EHT5VA) 

Vargas – Tuesday 3:25-4:55pm in Fayerweather 304 

Wong – Monday 2-3pm and Wednesday 3-4pm in Fayerweather 209 



Amy Chan - By appointment

Conrad Cheung - By appointment (sign up here): https://calendly.com/conradcheung/office-hours-30-min

Federico Cuatlacuatl - By appointment

Kevin Everson - W 2:00-3:00pm

Anna Hogg - TR 3:30-5:00pm

Megan Marlatt - MW 3:00-4:00pm

Lydia Moyer - By appointment

Akemi Ohira - W 10:30-12:30 and by appointment

Neal Rock - MW 12:00-3:00pm, F 2:00-5:00pm

James Scheuren - By appointment

Elizabeth Schoyer - By appointment

Jackson Taylor - By appointment

Marisa Williamson - W 12:00-2:00pm

William Wylie - By appointment