Virtual Reality Spring Symposium

Thursday, March 31, 2022
12:30 - 2 pm | Zoom

flyer for the virtual reality Spring symposium

One of our own Studio majors, and 2021 Visual Resources Summer Intern, Shelby Lawton, is participating in a virtual symposium on the applications of virtual reality in the fields of medical education, psychology, and art history THIS THURSDAY March 31 12:30-2pm via Zoom.

Shelby has been a project lead for the Infectious Diseases (ID) in 3D Program. The ID in 3D team is creating a virtual reality animation to educate about the importance of HPV vaccine and will be holding a virtual symposium to share their work on Thursday, March 31st.

Stanford Professor, Dr. Bailenson, and UVA PhD alum, Eric Hupe, will be guest speakers as well, sharing their insights on VR's applications within the fields of Psychology and Art History.