Pocahontas Reframed Film Festival

Friday, November 20, 2020
All Weekend | Virtual

Our very own Federico Cuatlacuatl is premiering his film Tsenacommacah. Tsenacommacah is what the Powhatan called their territory of Tidewater Virginia, roughly translated as, “densely inhabited land”. An experiential recall takes form through the spiritual symbology of the region in this sensory short film. 

Representation matters. It matters because it impacts how we interact with our fellow Americans, the way that we educate our children, and it shapes our path forward as a democracy. Storytelling and filmmaking have suffered from a lack of representation of important groups that influenced American democracy, notably Native Americans. Native culture is rich, steeped in history and multifaceted, yet mainstream films do not often capture this nuance.

This is a free virtual event, but registration is required. Web site here: https://pocahontasreframed.com/ .