Phillips Collection Predoctoral Fellowship Application Deadline

Tuesday, January 31, 2023
5 PM | Digital

UVA-Phillips Collection Fellowship in Modern and Contemporary Art History

The University of Virginia–Phillips Collection Fellowship in Modern and Contemporary Art History will support interdisciplinary research in American, European, or non-western art and art history from roughly 1750 to the present. Priority will be given to proposals that demonstrate a commitment to social justice and an engagement with postcolonial and diasporic studies.

The appointments carry the appropriate departmental affiliations with UVA and with the Phillips. Fellows will be appointed as graduate fellows at UVA and receive an annual fellowship stipend of $34,000 plus full tuition and fee remission, health insurance, and other standard UVA benefits, with an estimated total cost of approximately $46,000. In addition, they will have university and museum privileges, including but not limited to access to libraries, equipment, support staff, curators, students, and faculty, subject to compliance with appropriate guidelines established by the Phillips.

These fellowships are half-time with a term from August 15 of every year, beginning in 2023 through July 15 of the following year

The deadline to apply is January 31.