Conrad Cheung

Assistant Professor, Studio Art

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Conrad Cheung is an artist and educator working across installation, performance, architecture, video, VR, and more. Their practice proposes zones of alternative spatiality, sociality, and affect in order to realize anarchic, queer, and interspecies forms of flourishing and communing. In the face of our civic and ecological crises, what material infrastructures and reconfigurations of care, desire, and normativity might allow for the emergence of eclectic new publics, reimaginings of resistance and refusal, and experiments in living differently with others, particularly others who may be politically illegible or other-than-human? Cheung’s practice is driven by tactics of parafiction, participation, and site-specificity, and is committed to transdisciplinary collaboration with practitioners across creative and academic fields. They are currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Art and affiliate faculty in the Environmental Thought and Practice program at the University of Virginia. They work under the corporate alias The Institute for Improvisational Infrastructures with a rotating cast of collaborations, under several fictional identities for intervention in far-right and conspiracist circles, and as the artist collective nonhumanities with Anna Hogg and Katie Baer Schetlick.