Dylan K. Rogers

Lecturer, Art History

Dylan K. Rogers (Lecturer in Roman Art and Archaeology) is a Classical Archaeologist, who specializes in Roman fountains and urbanism. From 2015-2019, Rogers served as the Assistant Director of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens (Greece). His recent book, Water Culture in Roman Society (Brill, 2018), begins to define the term ‘water culture’ for ancient Roman society, using literary, legal, epigraphic, and archaeological evidence. He has also edited the volume, What’s New in Roman Greece? (National Hellenic Research Foundation, 2018), with the Roman Seminar Research Group in Athens, which aims to shed light on how the societies of Greece responded in socioeconomic and cultural terms to becoming part of the Roman Empire. Rogers is also the co-editor of The Cambridge Companion to Ancient Athens (Cambridge University Press, 2021) that provides a comprehensive and up-to-date introduction to Athens, its topography and monuments, inhabitants and cultural institutions, and religious rituals and politics. Rogers is currently studying Roman fountains using methodologies related to sensory studies and archaeology, in order to understand better the use and placement in various landscapes of fountains by the Romans. A part of this research recently appeared in the American Journal of Archaeology (2021): "Sensing Water in Roman Greece: The Villa of Herodes Atticus at Eva-Loukou and the Sanctuary of Demeter and Kore at Eleusis."

Major research interests of Rogers include the relationship between Roman identity and art (especially sculpture and mosaics), Roman domestic religion, Roman gardens, the topography of the cities of Rome and Athens, and the reception of Antiquity from the Renaissance through the modern period. Other research interests outside of Classical Archaeology include Medieval Rome and Italy, opus sectile pavements of the Medieval Mediterranean, and the Venetian fountains of Crete.

Rogers has taught the following courses at UVa: Roman Art and Archaeology, Sex and the Ancient City, Painting in the Ancient Mediterranean World, Archaeology of Destruction, Art and Power, Pompeii: Life in a Roman City, and Senses, Architecture, and Water (graduate seminar). He also serves as the Director of the Distinguished Major Program in Archaeology, along with participating in various committees and research groups at the University, such as the Progressive Pedagogy Committee (Art Department, 2020-present) and "Classics and Racism" reading group (2019). Rogers is also the Secretary of the Charlottesville Society of the Archaeological Institute of America.

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BA Tulane University, 2008

MA University of Virginia, 2010

PhD University of Virginia, 2015