Arts Administration Program



As of fall 2020, six fourth-year students are pursuing independent senior thesis projects related to arts administration as part of the College’s Interdisciplinary Major Program (IMP), and six third-year students—who may well be joined by others in the months ahead—are also working towards capstone projects involving arts administration. Since Lindsey Hepler completed her IMP in 2009, there have been 88 IMP students who have focused on some aspect of arts administration. Over the years, 3,299 students have enrolled in arts administration courses!   

This summer on June 10, rising fourth-year student Nia Williams received a front-page story on UVA Today. Nia’s IMP combines arts administration, African American studies, and music composition and performance. The article highlights her family’s response to racial tensions brought to the foreground by George Floyd’s murder, and features a new song she wrote as well as her father’s viral post published on Medium. Read the UVA Today story here.