Megan Marlatt: From Painting to Masking

Saturday, October 30, 2021
9 - 11 am | Boston University

Join artist and University of Virginia painting professor Megan Marlatt, and a panel of other artists, as she discusses her transition from painting to mask making and the returned influence of mask making on her painting. Marlatt formed  the Big Head Brigade after traveling to Spain to study the art of capgrossos with premier gegant/capgrosso makers, David Ventura and Neus Hosta in 2012. Her “big head” work grew and expanded as she returned to the states. Recently, Marlatt was the recipient of a Fulbright Scholar Research Fellowship to Belgium, where she studied Belgian carnival culture at the International Carnival and Mask Museum in Binche. She discusses the rich interplay between her work with masquerade and her work on canvas.

Registration for the panel that includes Kate Kretz and Sarah Bernstein, as well as other events, will be announced soon through the mailing list. Check out the schedule for the October weekend here.