Livestream Performance for "Counterpoint", Sepideh Dashti

Friday, January 28, 2022
Instagram, 12:00 PM



Join us via Instagram for a livestreamed performance in the Ruffin Gallery by Sepideh Dashti.

Sepideh Dashti joins the UVA Department of Art to discuss her work and current exhibition Counterpoint on view in the Ruffin Gallery through February 24th.

Counterpoint, includes recent and new photography, textile, and video installation work by Sepideh Dashti. Using personal and marginalized methods of research, as an artist Dashti performs her bodily material, stitching her hair and blurring the boundaries between languages, to challenge ideas of femininity and domesticity and depict the experience of her diaspora.

Not all diasporas are the same. Not all female experiences of oppression are the same. Dashti’s experience as an Iranian diasporic woman is fragmented along ethnic, religious, social, political, and class lines. These fragments pose challenges to her attempts to bind with others and find solidarity based in multiculturalism and ethnicity. Dashti establishes her body as an integral material in her art practices to make the explanation of her experiences and challenges possible. She seeks to claim her body across multiple media to question her identity with regard to the deplorable conditions of history, language, and culture existing between different spaces she has occupied.