Brown Bag Talk with Rufus Elliot

Friday, September 9, 2022
10 - 11 am | Democracy Initiative (Bond House)

Rufus Elliott, a citizen of the Monacan Indian Nation, will be working to preserve and digitize oral history and song and ceremony recording. “[B]y creating a searchable database of oral history and ceremonial songs more Monacans will be able to have access to their own history and culture. Digital files could be uploaded to a central location and made available to Monacan citizens anywhere in the world. By making our culture more accessible in a digital age the tribe will preserve the deep ties to its ancestors and maintain its unique identity in the face of colonization.”

The talk is part of the brownbag series for the PhD fellowship in Indigenous Studies (, designed to give students a snapshot of different research activities and methodological approaches. 

More about the speaker:

The final half hour is mingling over coffee and pastries.

Questions about the event? Contact Douglas Fordham.