Book Talk and Discussion: Poverty and Wealth in East Africa

Monday, February 6, 2023
4-6 pm | 16/18 Bond House

Book Talk & Discussion: Rhiannon Stephens, Associate Professor of History, Columbia University

Poverty and Wealth in East Africa: A Conceptual History
“Rhiannon Stephens offers a conceptual history of how people living in eastern Uganda have sustained and changed their ways of thinking about wealth and poverty over the past two thousand years. This history serves as a powerful reminder that colonialism and capitalism did not introduce economic thought to this region and demonstrates that even in contexts of relative material equality between households, people invested intellectual energy in creating new ways to talk about the poor and the rich. Stephens uses an interdisciplinary approach to write this history for societies without written records before the nineteenth century. She reconstructs the words people spoke in different eras using the methods of comparative historical linguistics, overlaid with evidence from archaeology, climate science, oral traditions, and ethnography. Demonstrating the dynamism of people’s thinking about poverty and wealth in East Africa long before colonial conquest, Stephens challenges much of the received wisdom about the nature and existence of economic and social inequality in the region’s deeper past.”
This event is co-sponsored by the Department of History, Department of Anthropology, Archaeology Interdisciplinary Program, and Karsh Institute of Democracy.
A reception will immediately follow the talk.