Arts Administration

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Arts Administration is an interdisciplinary field which studies the practical management of arts, cultural, and entertainment organizations and businesses. As of August 2015, the pilot initiative in Arts Administration has repositioned itself within the College of Arts and Sciences. As it has all along, Arts Administration combines the practical skills of artistic and cultural management and those of community building with more theoretical ideas of the role of the arts in society. In addition, we have taking on an exciting initiative in Design Thinking, so revisit this site often for developing news.

Design Thinking:  we utilize both individual and group creativity, urging students to think of “facilitating creativity,” and of being “artistic administrators” rather than of "managing or administering" artists or the arts.  The goal is to enable students to facilitate purposeful, meaningful experiential learning by encouraging the play of ideas; questioning them, experimenting with them and ultimately transforming them by methods of inquiry based on artistic creativity.  In this way our alumnae see themselves as creative colleagues of the highly creative people they encounter in all manner of fields; from scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs to architects, educators, policy makers and artists working in all media.


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