Art Department Response

Art Department response to the events of Summer 2020


As we reflect on the history of UVA and Charlottesville, the art faculty and staff have unanimously voted to remove McIntire’s name from our department in an attempt to minimize the invocation of his racist, pro-segregation legacy, noting that we have long done our work under his banner. Negotiations to formalize this name change with the University as well as reallocation of related endowment funds are ongoing. 

A short history of McIntire's relationship with the department is here.

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In light of the recent Supreme Court decision to protect DACA and UVA’s decision to allow DACA+ student â€‹enrollments, the Department of Art welcomes, supports and advocates for DACA+ students, staff, faculty, and our neighboring immigrant communities. The Department of Art values all people regardless of their legal status, immigration background, or migratory history. We believe in migration as a human right and welcome new immigrants as our colleagues, classmates and fellow citizens. We condemn any xenophobic action that discriminates against, others or dehumanizes migrants. We are committed to direct action and support initiatives for real change in advancing immigration issues in our department.


The Art Department stands in support of students, alumni, and all of those who have been on the front lines of this most recent struggle against police violence and systemic racism. We are recommitting ourselves as a department to action that is the long-term counterpart to the demands for justice from those protesting in the streets and around the world. This is on-going work that includes the regular re-evaluation of curricula, financial and resource support for faculty and students of color, and the investigation into and reshaping of our departmental culture through individual awareness. We will be part of building a culture in which equity and diversity are instrumental to all that we do, a place in which Black lives, Black art and Black scholarship matter.