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PhD Candidate
  • BA, Chinese Language and Literature, Beijing Lanquage and Culture University, Beijing, China 2011
  • MA, Comparative Literature, Peking University, Beijing, China 2014
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Jinchao's research interests include interactions and transformations of Buddhist art between India and China along the silk route before 8th Century AD, relationships between Buddhist sacred texts and visual representations, and narrative modes of Buddhist stories depicted on slabs and mural paintings.

Prior to joining the program at Virginia, she completed her BA in Chinese Language and Literature and her MA in Comparative Literature at Peking University where she focused on the relationships between words and images as well as the narrative features of Buddhist Jataka stories. By participating in a Key Project of the National Basic Research Program of China on "The Text-image Relationship of Ancient Indian literature", she also gained research experience on the Buddhism in India. 

As part of her research, she has travelled the northern branch of the silk route in the past several years, including cave temples in central China, Gansu Corridor, Turfan and Kucha Kingdom. She has published articles about Cave temples on conferences organized by Dunhuang Research Institute and forums sponsored by School of Arts, Peking University. Her undergraduate thesis on Narrative studies was published by The UC Berkeley Comparative Literature Undergraduate Journal.