Course Offerings

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Undergraduate students can also register for ARAH 5000 level courses.

ARTS 2000

Introduction to Studio Art

An introductory course divided into three segments, covering the basic concepts and practice of studio art.  In Drawing students will learn observational drawing and how visual thinking connects with the hand.  The Conceptual segment will exercise creative problem-solving skills and teach students to engage in critical discourse.  The Digital segment teaches basic technical skills and digital tools including still and moving image and sound.  ARTS 2000 serves as a prerequisite to all studio courses.

Drawing Courses

ARTS 2610

Introduction to Drawing I

A continued introductory study of the materials and techniques of drawing. Provides training in the coordination of hand and eye and encourages development of visual analysis.  Emphasizes understanding form, space, light and composition.  May be taken concurrently with ARTS 2000.
ARTS 2630, 2632

Life Drawing I, II

Prerequisite: ARTS 2610

Creations of drawings of a living model in various media. Topics include artistic anatomy, figure and portrait drawing.
ARTS 2620

Introduction to Drawing II

Prerequisite: ARTS 2610

Applies technical drawing skills to projects that delve into analytical thinking and idea-based work.  Projects are designed to help students experiment and learn how to communicate meaning visually.  Prerequisite: ARTS 2000 and ARTS 2610.

Sculpture Courses

ARTS 2810, 2812

Introduction to Sculpture I, II

Prerequisite: ARTS 2610, 2620

Investigates the sculptural materials, processes, and methods through projects dealing with modeling, carving, fabricating, and casting. Examines traditional and contemporary concerns of sculpture through projects, demonstrations and by analyzing contemporary sculptures as well as the sculptures from our vast history.
ARTS 4810, 4812Ê

Advanced Sculpture I, II

Prerequisite: ARTS 3810 or 3812

Continuation of the sculpture sequence with greater emphasis on developing a student's unique and individual voice. Advanced projects in mold making, metal casting, and non-traditional sculpture materials are assigned. The creation of a one-person sculpture exhibition is required. Problems dealing with personal approaches are balanced by community-centered works created by collaborative teams. Course content varies from semester to semester and is geared toward student needs and desires.
ARTS 3810, 3812

Intermediate Sculpture I, II

Prerequisite: ARTS 2810, 2812

Continuation of ARTS 2810, 2812 with greater emphasis on the special problems of the sculptural discipline and more emphasis on self directed problems. More complex and unusual sculpture materials, techniques, procedures, and approaches are explored including welding and sewing, performance and installation.


Photography Courses

In the Studio Art program at UVA, students concentrate on personal applications of photography as an artistic practice. Strong technique is emphasized as a means towards an expressive end. The introductory courses focus on film-based photography, with class-time divided among demonstrations, lectures on the history of photography, and critiques of student work. ARTS2110 is a black and white, darkroom-based course. ARTS2112 introduces color film and digital printing methods. A variety of assignments help students develop visual thinking and skills. The upper level photography classes introduce a range of advanced processes, including medium and large format cameras, alternative and non-silver printing and bookmaking. At the end of each course all photography students produce a portfolio of their best work from the semester. The addition of a summer session in Italy (ARTS2559) offers students the unique opportunity to study photography in a beautiful Tuscan hill town.

Throughout the year visiting artists and guest scholars contribute to the photography program through presentations and critiques. Each spring the advanced class travels to New York City to meet with artists and curators. In addition, classes take full advantage of the University's Art Museum, which houses an extensive photography collection.

ARTS 2110

Introduction to Photography I

Prerequisite: ARTS 2610

Focuses on gaining a working understanding of black and white photo processes and, most importantly, opening up a dialogue about photography. In addition to assignments designed to help students understand the visual language of photography, we spend a great deal of time looking at examples from the historical and contemporary worlds of fine art. Readings range from art and philosophy to science. Students create a final portfolio from all the assignments given.
ARTS 2559

Special Topics in Photography

Prerequisite: ARTS 3670 or 3672

Offered irregularly during summer session or in conjunction with the Studio Study Abroad in Italy course, this intensive topics course will focus on technical and aesthetic consideration for the entire class, for example pinhole cameras, non-silver printing or digital bookmaking, allowing students to master the technique in a four week session.
ARTS 3112

Intermediate Photography II

Prerequisite: ARTS 2112
(Spring only)

Explores intermediate-level photographic techniques and concepts. Specific course content varies according to faculty.
ARTS 4112

Advanced Photography II

Prerequisite: ARTS 3110
(Spring only)

Assists students in preparing their required thesis exhibitions. Meets twice a week as a group to evaluate and discuss work in progress. Students participate in class portfolio and acquire a print from each member of the class. One becomes part of the University collection. Graduating fourth-year students are expected to complete a quality slide portfolio, resume, and artist statement in conjunction with the thesis exhibition.
ARTS 2112

Introduction to Photography II

Prerequisite: ARTS 2110

Building off of 2110, this course offers an introduction to color photography, digital printing methods, and medium format cameras. Advanced skills are demonstrated and practiced with the goal of increasing the quality of the work. Further explorations into historical and contemporary art issues via presentations, visiting artists, and readings increase awareness. Students create a final portfolio from all the assignments given.
ARTS 3110

Intermediate Photography I

Prerequisite: ARTS 2112
(Fall only)

Expands technical possibilities available to students by introducing large format cameras. Class time involves evaluating work in progress, slide presentations (sometimes by students as research projects) or discussion of reading material. Students create a final portfolio from assignments. Cameras provided.
ARTS 4110

Advanced Photography I

Prerequisite: ARTS 2112
(Fall only)

Group study designed to assist students in preparing their required thesis exhibitions. Meets twice a week as a group to evaluate and discuss work in progress.


Painting Courses

ARTS 2710, 2712

Introduction to Painting I, II

Prerequisite: ARTS 2610, 2620

Introduction to basic oil painting techniques and materials emphasizing perception and color. Assignments are designed to assist the student in understanding the creative process and interpreting the environment through a variety of subject matter expressed in painted images. Encourages individual stylistic development.
ARTS 4710, 4712

Advanced Painting I, II

Prerequisite: ARTS 3710 or 3712

The capstone of a three year study in painting.Continues the investigation of oil painting as an expressive medium and stresses the development of students' ability to conceive and execute a series of thematically related paintings over the course of the semester. Painting professors and course content vary from semester to semester.
ARTS 3710, 3712

Intermediate Painting I, II

Prerequisite: ARTS 2710, 2712

Exploration of contemporary painting materials, techniques, and concepts, as well as a continuation of basic oil painting processes. Assignments are designed to assist the student in developing their perceptions and imagination and translating them into painted images. Direction is given to the formation of personal original painting styles.

Printmaking Courses

ARTS 2670, 2672

Introduction to Printmaking I, II

Prerequisite: ARTS 2610, 2620

Introduction to basic black and white etching techniques, basic black and white plate lithography, and techniques of stone lithography. Printmaking professors and course content vary from semester to semester.
ARTS 4670, 4672

Advanced Problems in Printmaking

Prerequisite: ARTS 3670 or 3672

Designed for students who have completed two or more semesters of study of a specific printmaking technique (woodcut, etching, or lithography) and wish to continue their exploration of that technique.
ARTS 3670, 3672

Intermediate Printmaking I, II

Prerequisite: ARTS 2670, 2672

Includes relief printing, advanced lithography techniques, including color lithography, color etching, monotypes, and further development of black and white imagery. Printmaking professors and course content vary from semester to semester.

New Media Courses

ARTS 2220, 2310

Intro to New Media

Prerequisite: Arts 2610

Project based introduction to tools and methods of digital media in the context of fine art. The class encourages creative and sometimes unconventional approaches to the use of standard design and media production software, including Photoshop and Final Cut Pro. Students should note that while they will build digital skills in the course, it is primarily an art class rather than a technical workshop.
ARTS 4220, 4222

Advanced New Media

Prerequisite: ARTS 3670 or 3672

Students will be encouraged to design and execute projects as individual development suggests. Collaborative and long term projects may be explored as student interest dictates.
ARTS 3220, 322

Intermediate New Media

Prerequisite Arts 2220, 2222

Project based course delving deeper in to digital processes including experimental video, animation and sound, web based media and imaging for print.

Film Courses

ARTS 2370, 2372

Introduction to Film I, II

Prerequisite: ARTS 2610

The course introduces experimental 16mm film production as a practice of visual art. These courses include technical, historical, and theoretical issues that apply to cinematography and its relationship to the traditional visual arts.
ARTS 4370, 4372

Advanced Film I, II

Prerequisite: ARTS 3370, 3372

Course continues the practice of 16mm film or digital video experimental production with an emphasis on a completed piece for public screenings or exhibitions.
ARTS 3370, 3372

Intermediate Film I, II

Prerequisite: ARTS 2370, 2372

Course continues the practice of 16mm experimental film production with an increased emphasis on audio and digital video motion picture making. Students will complete assignments based on genres of experimental film making such as expressionism, naturalism, and realism.

Additional or Advanced Studio Coursework

ARTS 2310, 2312

Installation and Performance Art I, II

This course introduces new art genres including installation, performance, and video documentation to the student's art practice. Includes contemporary Art History, theory, and the creation of art made with non-traditional materials, methods and formats.
ARTS 4450, 4452

Distinguished Major Project

Prerequisite: Admission to the Distinguished Major Program

Intensive independent work using either sculpture, photography, printmaking, cinematography, or painting as the primary medium, culminating in a coherent body of work under direction of a faculty member.
ARTS 4900

Advanced Project in Art

Prerequisite: Instructor permission

Investigation and development of a consistent idea or theme in painting, sculpture, or the graphic arts. May be taken more than once under the same course number(s) by students who are sufficiently advanced in studio work. This course is not intended to be used for major credit.